Autumn Landscape Safari (full day)

David is running his famous New England tour again – a strictly place-limited trip via 4wd to some great outdoor landscape areas in the New England Tablelands region.

Colours of Autumn

Colours of Autumn by Kane Gledhill

We will discuss everything from location scouting to visualisation, monitoring weather conditions to looking for the non-obvious as well as practical demonstrations and in-the-field post processing. While the day will primarily be about landscape photography, we will include wildlife photography if the opportunity arises.

Correct filter use including polarisers and graduated neutral density filters will be explained and demonstrated.

Dead trees by David de Groot

Possible landscape opportunities include rural scenes, bush scenes, granite outcrops, waterfalls and sunflowers. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask David and Kane about your photographic queries while we travel in air-conditioned comfort between destinations.

The historic Deepwater Train station by David de Groot


We will be providing a simple lunch at one of the many bakeries or local establishments along the route. Water will be supplied on-board.

The cost of dinner is not included.


$349.00 per person (2 students maximum).

Transport from the designated meeting location in Brisbane will be provided. We envisage an early start and a late finish due to the distances involved. (Leaving Brisbane around 8am and returning around 9-11pm depending on conditions)

You will need:

  • A dSLR camera
  • Wide (or ultra-wide), Standard and Telephoto lenses and a macro lens if you have one.
  • Polarizing filter, neutral density filters (straight and graduated) if you have them.
  • A sturdy tripod. “Video” tripods are not recommended.
  • A remote release, either wired or infrared.
  • Laptop (not required but handy if you want to try some of the post processing techniques)
  • Good sturdy covered walking shoes, and potentially wet weather gear.
  • Snacks.

Missing any of this equipment? Contact us early and we may be able to arrange a hire for the day (at extra cost to you).

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