Dawn Photography Sessions!

Photography is all about light, and the best quality light is captured up to an hour before the sun comes up. Let us show you how to successfully shoot this amazing event.

“Point Arkwright at Dawn” by Kane Gledhill

We structure this workshop around dawn, so start and finish times will vary from season to season.

What this course covers

  • Basic composition (what to look for).
  • Timing the early morning long exposures.
  • Seeing in the dark.
  • Understanding light and shadows.
  • Using filters.
  • A follow up session over breakfast (we critique your photos for you)

What we do

Anyone can wake up early and shoot a sunrise, any day of the week – in fact most professional landscape photographers prefer the dawn light – so we will show you what you need to know.

We will provide you with a checklist which helps you decide on what to look for when shooting Dawn. We offer professional techniques which will improve your photography. While you are shooting, our experienced instructors are on hand to help you with your questions. We will suggest subjects and help with compositions. Because it will be dark for most of the workshop, tuition is more ‘hands on’, so expect tips and advice while you are shooting.

After the workshop, we decamp for breakfast to share our ideas; we will help critique your images.
(Breakfast not included.)

Dawn Locations

“Clouds at Point Arkwright” by Kane Gledhill

Brisbane is blessed with many great sunrise locations. We host our Dawn workshops in various locations. Each location offers our students something different, from seascapes to cityscape, something for everyone! (talk to us about custom workshops). Locations include:

  • Wellington Point Reserve (sea, ocean, sand)
  • Wild Horse Mountain
  • Kangaroo Point

Workshop Cost


Upcoming Sessions:

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