Intro to Post-Processing and Digital Workflow

Hosted in the delightful new Café, Shutter & Brew at Wavell Heights (just down the road from Chermside Westfields), we will be providing an introduction to basic post processing and digital workflow based on Adobe Lightroom. The workshop will be aimed at the Beginner and Intermediate student, from those who never post-process to people who […]

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Beginners and Basics Refresher Workshop

Whether you’ve only just bought your camera or you’ve had it a while but don’t really know how to get the best out of it, this workshop is for you! Aims. In this workshop we aim to help you get the most from your camera and understand how the camera comes to the decisions it […]

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Girraween Spring Safari

Spring is upon us and to celebrate we’re going to Girraween (Place of Flowers)! We will cover everything from location scouting to visualisation, monitoring weather conditions to looking for the non-obvious as well as practical demonstrations and in-the-field post processing. The day will primarily be about Landscape Photography, but we will include Wildlife Photography if […]

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Dawn Photography Sessions!

Dawn is the most beautiful time of the day – a Grasstree dawn session will show you how to capture the best from a dawn shoot.

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Star-trail and Night Photography

Mother nature puts on an amazing display during the night while the most of us are indoors asleep or watching TV. With our ‘Star-trails and Night Photography’ workshop you will learn how to shoot long exposures, and capture the brilliant colours of the night sky and stars, using the moon as the main light source. You do not need to be an expert to attend! We will walk you through each stage.

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Brisbane At Dusk (Sunset Sessions)

Photographing the beautiful colours seen during sunset is a very rewarding way to practice and perfect your landscape photography. Brisbane enjoys good sunsets most days and practice makes perfect.

Photography is all about light, and the best quality light is captured an hour before, during and up to an hour after the sun has set. We structure our workshops around these conditions. So start and finish times will vary from season to season.

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