Kane Gledhill


Kane is one of our occasional instructors...

Born in New Zealand & based in Brisbane, QLD for the past 6 years. I specialise in landscape, nature and wedding photography.

I've been a keen photographer for over 15 years, first picking up a camera whilst still in school to cover the yearly sporting events.

While at school I also worked part-time in a local camera store for a well known New Zealand wedding photographer - Steven Jones.

My first digital camera was purchased in 2007 at which time Digital Photography opened my eyes to the many various avenues of the craft. My primary equipment currently consists of Canon EOS cameras, although shooting and processing film is still a passion for me.

I can often be found scouting & shooting the South East Queensland Coastline with fellow photographers as I love to travel and explore new areas with the intent of capturing their beauty through my lens.

I'm naturally drawn to nature & landscape photography but I thoroughly enjoy capturing the expressions of people whether it be the special personal moments of their wedding or a candid smile in a studio shoot.

View my professional portfolio online at humanhabits.com.au.